Friday, February 5, 2010

From Atlanta with Love

This was presented to me by the city of Atlanta for being a part of MLK Memorial Mural.(covered my government name but you know the name,dont you)

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Mural

I had the privilege and honor of assisting World Famous muralist Louis Delsarte(google him) and many other great artist on a mural honoring the late great Martin Luther King Jr.This mural sits at the MLK center located in the historic Auburn Avenue.The unveiling featured new mayor elect of Atlanta,Kasim Reed.I value knowing something I helped to create will be featured for millions to view.

Hope and Change

This piece was inspired by the win of Barack Obama featuring the whole inaugaural acceptance speech along with words of Obama within his coat.

BIG Dreams

Speaks for itself...

Message for those that sleep on Life

"Nothing comes to a man who sits on his hands"

Love what you do;Do what you love

Thats what its supposed to say.But as YOU can see YOU is missing.I have a million artistic excuses for this flop!But actually those were my eyes THAT night so rest up before going on a painting spree.


Spider-Man "All Eyez on Me"

These prints were done with ink and colored Sharpies.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nuface x Peter Max (My Ode to Peter)

This is a piece inspired by one of my favorite artist,Peter Max(google him)Looks simple but the techinque is rather complex.I love simplistic complexity.

To my Little Miss Sunshine

This was a piece I did for my first born daughters,Liarra (my Little Miss Sunshine),birthday.Daddy Loves You eternally.

Have a Seat

This is one of two bar stools I did in mosaic tiles.Can you see the infamous Nuface logo.

My Hip Hop Hero

The G.O.A.T.D.O.A.
V-103's Greg Street

My daughter Liarra with mother of Tupac,Afeni Shakur after her performance with Pacs Kids
Afeni Shakur,Liarra,and myself accepting Father of the Year Award,presented by Afeni Shakur
A Queen and a Princess

This is a collage mural dedicated to rapper,icon,actor,and revolutionist Tupac Shakur.The first series of prints were presented exclusively to those important in my life as well as Afeni Shakur and Radio legend Greg Street(pictured above)

Hip Hop Headz

You not a BOSS til you get a NUFACE

Caught up in the Web


Just another favorite villian of mine Carnage whose actually the spawn of Venom.Oh those were the days,sitting back submersed in the comic world.This was done with color ink.You will see alot of comic influence in my work.

Nuface Angels

OBAMA x Keith Haring x Nuface

This is my interpretation of one of my favorite artist Keith Haring(google him) pieces along with a tribute celebrating the win of the FIRST African-American President..Barack Obama with his logo he spread around the world.

R.I.P. Micheal Jackson (G.O.A.T.)

This is a piece I did in Memory of another iconic figure in my life as well as the world.He will be missed.If you look closely you will see all his album titles in his pants leg and the socks are of course glitter.(its the little things like this I appreciate in other peoples work.)

I Love the 80's

This has to one of the most iconic figures for me growing up.This is my tribute to Papa Smurf and to POP culture.

Joker x NUFACE

I always root for the BAD GUY but the bad guy always dies..and in this case it happened literally.R.I.P. Heath Ledger He killed that role(no pun intended)

Venom x Nuface

One of my favorite Villians..Eddie Brock aka VENOM

A Tribe Called...NUFACE

This is just a take on one of my Favorite Hip Hop groups as well Hip Hop album covers.

No Apples on This Tree

I attempted to capture the essence of a photograph of a tree in the Sahara Desert that has always fascinated me.It was so hot the sky was literally red.Couldnt imagine the temperature.

Which Way is Up

This involves elements Love in Art:Color dependency,thought provoking,and rawness.The colors look great together.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Thanks for visiting Nuface Art x Life.Come on an artistic journey with me as I share some of my Art with you as well as some of the Inspiration of some of my Art.Feel Free to comment or inquire about some of the pieces.Also checkout or follow sUccesS on twitter @Nuface and stay tuned for the website for NUFACE Clothing Company."Let Art be that door that you're never afraid to walk dont even have to take your shoes off." -NUFACE